Re: Request feature: secure FTP


> > I would like to see a "Secure FTP link ..." item in Right or Left menu.
> I think we have long menus already.  I'd rather see one item "connect"  
> which would invoke a dialog asking you for login name (possibly with the
> domain name), password and connection protocol (ftp, mcfs, FiSH).  
> Currently we have no graphical interface to FiSH, which is bad.
> > If I choose that, I can connect to Open SSH secure ftp server (sftpd).
> Actually, FiSH transfers files over ssh.  I'm afraid that implementing
> sftp would require linking mc against libssl, as opposed to FiSH that uses
> the ssh executable.  I don't want to make mc depend on too many libraries,
> even optionally.

I would not depend on FiSH. It is hack, and under boundary conditions (remote
dd killed by out-of-memory) bad stuff might happen. Supporting sftp would be
way nicer.
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