Re: Request feature: secure FTP

Hi, Pavel!

> > Actually, FiSH transfers files over ssh.  I'm afraid that implementing
> > sftp would require linking mc against libssl, as opposed to FiSH that uses
> > the ssh executable.  I don't want to make mc depend on too many libraries,
> > even optionally.
> I would not depend on FiSH. It is hack, and under boundary conditions (remote
> dd killed by out-of-memory) bad stuff might happen. Supporting sftp would be
> way nicer.

I see.  I never thought that dd can be killed by out-of-memory.

Unfortunately, sftp is disabled in most ssh installations.  Maybe when mc
starts supporting sftp, it will be more often enabled, but it will take

scp, on the other hand, doesn't provide directory listing.  Maybe we could
use scp transfers in FiSH?

Pavel Roskin

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