Re: mc.1 translated in Russian


By the way, it would be nice if you applied your script to the Hungarian translation as well - it is already on CVS (lib/

There is too many manual work. My sed script can't differ .PP, .IP and .TP.

Is it a limitation of the script or the information is actually lost in mc.hlp?

I did not find solution in 5 minutes, so I did not investigate this issue carefuly.

I can't imagine how to understand what
"-C args"  Some text...
.I "\-C args"
Some text...
  but not simple
.I "\-C args"
Some text...

 Could you please send me the script?

Sure. But there are some known issues. It does not produce .\"LINK2 if link is splited. I know how to implement it, but I was too lazy to implement and test it for 3 or 4 cases, sorry.

Also `-' must be espaped for .I

By the way, where does "QueryBox" come from? There is no such word in the original manual.

It came from xnc.hlp.

Also the translation overuses empty pairs of double quotes. Run this to see what I mean:

grep '""'

grep '""' also outputs 4 empty .SH entries.

Well, after generating I understand what you means. I think some of these
"" can be replaced with '.

I need something like .BR, .BI, IR family from mm.

Well, I found .BR, .IR in mandoc, but as far as I remember they were absent in SCO man package.
Also these constractions are not supported by man2hlp.


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