Re: Patch for QNX Neutrino (sorry for typo error).

Hi, Rossi!

> in "canonicalize_pathname()" there are some statements compiled ONLY when
> the system is QNX i.e. #if defined(__QNX__).
> So the "canonicalize_pathname()" does something very special ONLY if
> compiled for QNX.
> #if defined(__QNX__)

Only if compiled on QNX or QNX Neutrino, which are different systems.

Do you think that I'm not looking at the code I'm writing about?  Maybe I
wasn't clear, but why assume that I'm speculating about something I
haven't seen?

canonicalize_pathname() does the same thing on QNX and QNX Neutrino.  It 
loops on one of them (QNX Neutrino).  You are assuming that the code would 
not loop on QNX.  I'm saying that there is nothing that would make 
canonicalize_pathname() work differently on QNX and QNX Neutrino.  You are 
showing me the code that demonstrates exactly that, while pretending that 
you are disproving my words.

I'm not going to discuss it privately.  If you want to use my time, it's
fair that you take the risk of your errors being exposed to the list

I'm aware of the problem and will try to fix it.

Pavel Roskin

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