Re: Patch for QNX Neutrino (sorry for typo error).

Hi, Maurizio!

> I would suggest a patch for Midnight Commander when compiled on QNX Neutrino
> (aka Realtime Platform).
> In function "canonicalize_pathname()" contained in  file "src/ultilunix.c"
> please change:
> #if defined(__QNX__)
> with
> #if defined(__QNX__) && !defined(__QNXNTO__)
> This is required because the native QNX Neutrino peer-to-peer networking
> (Qnet) differ from QNX4 (Fleet) i.e. nodes are not prefixed with "//[nid]".

I don't know anything about peer-to-peer networking on QNX Neutrino, so I
left this code just in case, assuming that it would be harmless on all
versions of QNX.

But if you have problems, I would like to know more.  Could you please
describe the problem that your patch is supposed to fix?

Pavel Roskin

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