Re: New version on mc-multiscreen-patch


Walery Studennikov wrote:
What's new in whis v0.7 release:

* F12 behaviour repaired in editor, which was broken in v0.6

I complain about F12 in editor. "Save As" is useful feature.

* Bookmarks/clipboard-in-menu features are separated to another
independent patch:


* ChangeLogs updated both for multiscreen and bookmarks patches

* Cosmetic changes in bookmarks/clipboard patch

You puts your changes near CVS keywords again.
Please move #ifdef DLGSWITCH before #ifdef HAVE_CHARSET
in main.c.

Don't hardcode debug filename in log_mc_handler.
It can be new mc option.

Use vfs_file_is_local() to determine file location
in edit/editwidget.c:edit().  It will be best if somebody
rewrite edit engine to use dir properly.  It might be
set to mc_return_cwd() if directory is NULL and filename
is not absolute.  It is not good idea to always concat
dir and file - resulted filename may confuse users.

PATH_SEP and PATH_SEP_STR have to be used instead of '/'
and "/".


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