New version on mc-multiscreen-patch


Recently I've updated the "MC-multiscreen" patch to version 0.7,
and it is available at .

This verson is based on ,
released by Andrew Samoilov.
I will remind: Andrew has ported v0.5 to the CVS version of MC,
and made --enable-dlgswitch option for ./configure .

What's new in whis v0.7 release:

* F12 behaviour repaired in editor, which was broken in v0.6

* Bookmarks/clipboard-in-menu features are separated to another
independent patch:

* ChangeLogs updated both for multiscreen and bookmarks patches

* Cosmetic changes in bookmarks/clipboard patch

Now about applying the patch.

After patching the sources
(use CVS sources or latest snapshot from ) ,
you need to rebuild and src/ files.
If you use CVS version you can use
./ to rebiuld them automatically.

After that you have to run ./configure with option --enable-dlgswitch
Also you can pass this option directly to ./ if you use it.


Regards, Walery

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