Re: suggestions

On Tuesday, February 12, 2002 at 08:51, levent yavas wrote:
> it occurs in read only archives. i attached an
> info-zip
> compressed archive. please keep it read-only and enter
> the archive with mc, then view bk.html with F3 and
> exit. the problem is here. please consider i'm not
> saying mc is responsible from info-zip's bugs, but it
> seems it is trying to write archive

Hm. You are right. It seems MC writes the file to an archive
when you exit the internal viewer. Not nice at all...!

This is either a bug in extfs or MC. This is what happens:
(/home/usel/ has permissions -r--r--r--.)

 "Enter" is pressed when cursor is over
   <extfs-module> list /home/usel/

 "F3" is pressed when cursor is over file bk.html in
   <extfs-module> copyout /home/usel/ bk.html /tmp/extfsQA8iFb

 "Q" is pressed to exit the viewer, now the file is copied back
 into the archive:
   <extfs-module> copyin /home/usel/ bk.html /tmp/extfsQA8iFb

This means that every time you enter a zip archive an view
files in it, the archive is modified! This should also be true
for all other archives supported via extfs.


Oskar Liljeblad (oskar osk mine nu)

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