Re: New patchfs script


> On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 03:42:52PM -0500, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> > Yes, I think some of the VFSs need to be given more visibility, possibly
> > in the menu or maybe in some predefined hotlist.
> Menu with 'subcategories' (like hotlist now) would be nice.

This is supported in the hotlist, but not in the menu.  Adding it now is
out of question.

> > That would be mc-4.6.0-pre2.  I don't have any plans for mc-4.6.0
> > other than updating translations, documentation and accepting simple
> > bugfixes.
> I can help updating Polish translations, if there isn't any person
> responsible for this.

That would be great.  The Polish manual comes from the PLD distribution.
Other manuals have some special fields that allow them to be translated to
the help files.  I added the node names, but the links between sections
are still missing.

The first thing that needs to be done is translation of xnc.hlp, so that
the main help screen and the help for help are translated.  It's a short
file.  Don't translate the GPL text.  If you have a good Polish
translation of it, you can add it as a separate entry (see Russian xnc.hlp
or ask me to do it for you).

Then add at least some links.  If you can recheck the manual against the
current translation, it would be great, but it's more time consuming, so
let's do simple things first.

> After the release I'll try to contact once more with Debian mc
> maintainers - it looks like there are MIA. If they don't respond again,
> I'll upload the new release...

MIA?  Missing in action?  I think there was a Debian maintainer, but I
haven't heard from him for some time.

Pavel Roskin

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