Re: Possibility of Colorer usage (was: php syntax)

On Fri 21 Sep 2001 05:30, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> I understand that for the recent "converts" from Windows lack of Far
> Manager is pretty frustrating, but I don't like the idea of rewriting
> Colorer in C and maintaining a forked version, while keeping it compatible
> with the new data files from the "official" version.
I see only one way to solve this and similar problems. mc must have it's own 
API for plugins and if somebody need features in mc, he may write this 
feature separated, without any changes in mc. There is only problem is 
develop and write plugin API for mc.

External editor not always work good. For example, it couldn't set line on 
search results.

C U L8er!
Max Schedriviy                  mailto:max tavrida net

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