Re: Possibility of Colorer usage (was: php syntax)

Hi, Pavel!

> > > About the first problem: now colorer uses "Apache Software License".
> > > Is it acceptable for us?
> >
> > I think it's Ok for GPL'd software to link against any libraries, even
> > against the ones under restrictive commercial licenses (e.g. libc on
> > Solaris).
> Its not. GPL has special exception for libc.

Strange, I could not find this exception.

Anyway, I don't feel that it would be right to switch to Colorer,
regardless of its license.  The internal editor should not be another

I understand that for the recent "converts" from Windows lack of Far
Manager is pretty frustrating, but I don't like the idea of rewriting
Colorer in C and maintaining a forked version, while keeping it compatible
with the new data files from the "official" version.

Pavel Roskin

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