bison --version (Was Re: Midnight Commander and bison 1.29)

Pavel Roskin wrote:

> > Why offtopic ? The configure test for bison in Midnight
> > Commander CVS fails with the new version, 1.29.

> You didn't mention that you were running configure for
> Midnight Commander.

Only in the Subject.

> You didn't mention Midnight Commander at all, let alone it's
> version.

> You didn't mention your OS, shell or anything possibly
> related to the problem.

> You didn't mention whether you tried to locate the problem.

I thought it was a --version change, but I removed 1.28
before configuring. Anyway, apparently GNU Bison is wrong
since the new output breaks the test. I'm Cc'ing bug-bison.
My fear is that it can break other projects that use it.
fetchmail ?

> If you read your message again, you will see that it looks
> like a vague bugreport to GNU Bison.

OK. But I would never send a GNU Bison report to the wrong
mailing-lists :-)

> > configure:5235: checking for bison
> > configure:5250: found /usr/bin/bison
> > configure:5258: result: bison
> > configure:5271: checking version of bison
> > configure:5280: result: v. ?.??, bad

> That's trivial.  The test comes from gettext.  It assumes a
> certain format of the bison version string.

> Copyright 1984, 1986, 1989, 1992, 2000, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

> This is free software; see the source for copying conditions.
> There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS

> $ /usr/bin/bison --version
> GNU Bison version 1.28

> The sed expression in AM_WITH_NLS from gettext 0.10.39
> assumes that there is a space after "GNU Bison".

> If you spent five minutes looking into this problem, you
> would already know that its a Bison vs. gettext problem, even
> if you are not familiar with sed expressions.

> > BTW, are these tests of any use ?
> >
> > checking for netscape... no
> > checking for arena... no
> > checking for Mosaic... no
> > checking for chimera... no

> How about scanning the sources for X11_WWW?

OK. BTW, tests for recent browsers would be better, at least
with Linux. I don't think many people use the last 3. Maybe
Mosaic on UNIX, but Arena and Chimera ? What about Konqueror
and Mozilla ?

Have a nice day.

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