Re: bison --version (Was Re: Midnight Commander and bison 1.29)

|> You didn't mention whether you tried to locate the problem.
|I thought it was a --version change, but I removed 1.28
|before configuring. Anyway, apparently GNU Bison is wrong
|since the new output breaks the test. I'm Cc'ing bug-bison.
|My fear is that it can break other projects that use it.
|fetchmail ?
|> If you read your message again, you will see that it looks
|> like a vague bugreport to GNU Bison.
|OK. But I would never send a GNU Bison report to the wrong
|mailing-lists :-)

Thanks, but this bug report is extremely confusing.  What bug did you
find?  Is it the Gettext thingy?  Then for sure it is to gettext team
that the bug should be reported.

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