Moving from ~/.cedit to ~/.mc


I suggest that MC doesn't use the ".cedit" directory and uses ".mc" for
the files that it currently looks for in ".cedit".  The main reason is
that the "Syntax" file conflicts with Cooledit.

The versioning of the Syntax file is very primitive in Cooledit and MC -
.cedit/Syntax begins with "# syntax rules version NN", and it's replaced
if a newer version is embedded in the code.  Current Cooledit 3.17.4 would
overwrite the Syntax file of MC-4.5.55.  This is wrong because they are
using different directories with *.syntax files.

It is reasonable to expect that some users will be running both MC and
Cooledit.  It would be nice to share some files between them, but the
development of MC and Cooledit has diverged too much and it's not
realistic to keep them in-sync and use the same files.

Moving all stuff to .mc would free us from the need to keep MC compatible
with Cooledit.  A better versioning system for the local files could be
introduced.  "Syntax" would not need to be embedded into the code - it
would be a normal file installed into ${prefix}/lib/mc/

Any comments?

Pavel Roskin

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