Re: Unprintable characters with --enable-charset


>    I want to continue discussion about displaying unprintable
> characters.
>    The problem has arised when I tried to use new experimental
> feature "Support for charset selection and
> conversion" (--enable-charset). I set c_y_r_i_l_l_i_c input encodings
> and decided to view any binary file. After few strokes on PgDn MC screen
> was completely crashed and I saw invitation to search strange regex.

I guess that it's exactly the problem that I noticed immediately in the
charset patch.  It relies on charset conversion doing filtering of
unprintable characters.

That's precisely the reason why the charset patch is experimental and is
disabled by default.

I promise to look into that before releasing the next version (unless the
release is forced by security issues).

>  #ifdef HAVE_CHARSET
> -    if (display_codepage < 0) {
> +/* Because of broken printable[] in charset.c            */
> +/* we still need in filtering characters #127 and #155       */


Pavel Roskin

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