Re: MC 4.5.55 tagged, 4.5.x branch created

Hi, Timur!

> > On the other hand, I've been considering a "contrib" directory on the FTP
> > site that could contain such marginal things as:
> That what I also had in mind for samba support - it rarely used, takes half
> of the distribution size, screwed up...

But it's better to keep it for some time if we decide to switch to a
separate library, just for testing.

> 2. I'm considering to take a look into libsmbclient - this is a library, used
> by smbclient, and containes now more attractive smbc_opendir, smbc_open, smbc_read,
> smbc_write, etc... functions - looks like a complete set of VFS stub functions,
> with good API - I didn't dig into it yet, but examples are also availabe.

I missed it completely.  But it looks like it's undocumented :-(

> 3. There is a smbfs kernel VFS for FreeBSD by Boris Popov, which is a complete
> standalone implementation of CIFS. At the moment it lacks nameserver support,
> so, maybe, not so easy to use, but the size is very small :)

I guess it's something unrelated.

I just want to make it possible to link MC against an external library.
IT's better if it's normally installed.  If it's not, but it's created at
some point, but has documented API, we could instruct users how to compile
and use this library.  If the library is just a temporary file and nobody
cares about its API, then it may be better to stay with the included
sources for a while.

Pavel Roskin

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