Re: PATCH: IBM AIX patches

Hi, Pavel!

> > ! /* //#define CPIO_POS(super) (super)->u.cpio.fd */ /* If some time reentrancy should be needed */
> You shoud have removed "//", not leave it there. Ditto few more places.

Doesn't matter.  This was fixed correctly long ago.

> > !     STATUS_EOF,
> >   } ReadStatus;
> >   /*
> >    * Return 1 for success, 0 if the checksum is bad, EOF on eof,
> What's wrong with this? I thought C allowed leaving "," at the end, and
> it is easier to add to list like this.

It's easier, but it doesn't work on AIX.  I have to separate reports, so
it must be a problem.  It may be a bug in the AIX compiler if the standard
allows that comma, but it's easier to fix it now that to fix it later in
vi over a dumb terminal.

By the way, "gcc -pedantic" would also notice this comma.

Pavel Roskin

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