GLib (was Re: Cygwin Compilation)

Pavel Roskin wrote:

> I considered support for glib-1.3.x, but it requires support
> for pkgconfig.  Unfortunately, pkgconfig is a beta (at least)
> software.  The latest version I was able to find is 0.7.0.
> It lacks any documentation except the manpage.  Even the NEWS
> file is empty.  It also integrates glib-1.2.8 for some
> obscure reason.

> I would be glad to add pkgconfig if it were better
> documented.  I tried to add the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro as
> described in README, but it seems that pkgconfig should be
> installed on the system that builds MC. This is a new
> requirement.  Users with glib-1.2.x and without pkgconfig
> won't be able to compile MC.

> I don't think it's a good idea to use pkgconfig if doing so
> creates a strict dependency on beta quality software for all
> operating systems where MC is compiled.

> I'd like to be proven wrong.  Any comments will be
> appreciated.

OK, then why not include a stripped down GLib 1.3 in the
Midnight Commander sources ? Actually a lot of people still
think it's a GUI toolkit, or that it's only used by GNOME.

MC only uses libglib. No libgmodule and libgthread. You could
get rid of the others and the thing called pkgconfig. I don't
think it'd be an overkill now that the GNOME sources were

As an example, the Slackware developers compile MC statically
linked with libglib, because they don't want to require the
installation of glib.tgz (from the gtk1 series).

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