Re: GLib (was Re: Cygwin Compilation)

Hi, FrИdИric!

> OK, then why not include a stripped down GLib 1.3 in the
> Midnight Commander sources ? Actually a lot of people still
> think it's a GUI toolkit, or that it's only used by GNOME.

I remember suggesting this in the list.  This idea received a strong

Actually, it is very important to try the installed glib first, like it's
done with S-Lang.  The included library should be a fallback.

Patches are welcome.

> MC only uses libglib. No libgmodule and libgthread. You could
> get rid of the others and the thing called pkgconfig. I don't
> think it'd be an overkill now that the GNOME sources were
> removed.

libgmodule may be used for VFS modules, if we ever implement them.

> As an example, the Slackware developers compile MC statically
> linked with libglib, because they don't want to require the
> installation of glib.tgz (from the gtk1 series).

I don't think it's a good idea.  It's better to share code - it's easier
to maintain.  But I'm not a Slackware developer - not even a user.

Pavel Roskin

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