Bug: sizes of big dirs


I found a bug. Maybe You already know about this,
but, here we go:

The problem is (in TEXT-MODE mc):

F9 - C - I      (F9 - Command - show directory sIzes)

doesn't correctly show sizes for directories containing more
than 2 GB of data.

Insted of real size (something like "4824M") it shows number
"2147488" for any dir > 2GB.

Second bug, depending on the first one:

When selecting directories, the bottom line of panel shows
the sum of bytes. But these "2147488" dirs are summed as
minus 2 GB,making the total smaller.

E.g. selecting only such a big directory shows this:
"-2,147,483,648 bytes in 1 file"

And, for example when I select all subdirs of my directory
/data (where 2 subdirs are over 2GB), I see result
"2,412,928Kb bytes in 22 files" (but correct value should be
somewhere at 15 GigaBytes in 22 files))

My system is:

Linux Slackware 8.0.0
PC AMD Duron 750,

and I compiled it with this commands:

./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-mcserv-install --with-tm-x-support
   --with-samba --with-ext2undel && \
make install && \
touch ../Done

And one more note: I hope You will not stop developing BOTH versions
of mc (Gnome and text-mode). I know Linux is aiming to desktops, but
it is also a great server with good remote administration, where mc
takes a big, important role (probably the most important after
telnet & telnetd, IMHO).

     Thank You

            Radovani Bukoci

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