Re: MC for Win32 revival

Hi Pavel, hi all,

> Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> schrieb am 29.10.01:
> Hello, Miguel!

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> The problem is that the native port is broken and doesn't compile.  The
> makefiles don't know anything about glib.  Also the file lists in the 
> makefiles need to be updated.
> Unfortunately, there has been no interest to the native PC port from the
> developers ("YES!!!!! Thank you thank you" doesn't count).  If I had a 
> working Win32 or OS/2 system around I would probably fix it, but it's not 
> the case.

I already made quite a progress in reactivating the Win32 Port, I added glib (from GIMP for Windows) merged in all my changes, and now all Files (from the Old Makefile ) do compile well. Just the dirent_nt.c is still giving problems:
The DIR structure has changed completely, so this file is completely broken.

I think that I can make MC compile and link with mingw32 with a few more hours of work. Unfortunately my time is very limited, so this might take a few days/weeks.

When I'm finished, this Port will NOT have any new features - especially the VFS is wanting.

I will most likely not have the time to activate it myself.
But, my hope is that then maybe another developer will jump in and assist.

> A word of caution.  Windows users have a different mentality and don't
> generally understand the idea of free software.  Whoever works on the port
> may be a subject of spiteful personal e-mail ("you $%$#% program doesn't
> work") and shameless support requests ("where do I get the fixed binary").
> I've had enough of such e-mail just for merging some OS/2 and Win32 code,
> rewriting the makefiles and minor changes to the code.  It is not a big
> deal if you are prepared, but please _be_ prepared.

Yes, Windows users are different - at least 99% of them ONLY want a binary Release.
But, my personal expirience with support requests and user's "bug"-reports are different.
As I already mentioned, I do maintain a binary MC for Win32 release for a few years now, and the feedback is mostly positive.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin


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