Re: [PATCH]: aligned file extensions and different sorting mode for .files


Could you please comment your patch?

In particular, what's the meaning of ALIGN_EXT_2 and why it's a
preprocessor directive rather than a variable that can be changed at the

If it's possible to align extension in the custom mode (which has a
half-decent user interface) is it really a good idea to add another
undocumented variable that would affect all modes?

Most importantly, I don't like the idea of the patch.  UNIX filesystem
doesn't distinguish extensions and doesn't treat the dot in a special
manner.  There are conventions (e.g. C files should end with ".c"), but I
doesn't want MC users to be fooled by anybody who ignores those

Nothing forbids using dots and spaces in any part of the filename.  The 
following manes are valid:

file .ext
file    ext

Aligning the extention may cause some of those filenames to look in 
exactly the same way on the screen.  It is not Ok for a file manager.

On the other hand, sorting by extension is Ok because it simply causes the
entries to be sorted differently without changing their look.  But it's
implemeented already.

Pavel Roskin

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