Bugs in Release 4.5.54


i'm using mc 4.5.54 on  HP/UX 11.00 (without X, with ncurses) and i have encountered
the following Problems:

On the left side i had only a list of filenames the right side was in Quick View mode.
I was pressing Enter to change directorys and moved the cursor over the list on the left side.
 After that the program crashed with the following error message and produced a
coredump (please look at the backtrace):

1HGLib-ERROR **: could not allocate 118517760 bytesdir  8Delete 9PullDn 10Quit
                                                              ${HOME:-.}/.profile[45]: 11145 Abort(coredump)

(gdb) bt
#0  0xc010e740 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libc.2
#1  0xc00abc94 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libc.2
#2  0xc00ec0dc in ?? () from /usr/lib/libc.2
#3  0xc00ec134 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libc.2
#4  0xc4623bd8 in ?? () from /opt/glib/lib/libglib.sl
#5  0xc4623cf4 in ?? () from /opt/glib/lib/libglib.sl
#6  0xc4621904 in ?? () from /opt/glib/lib/libglib.sl
#7  0x26118 in load_view_file (view=0x7f7ba5fc, filename=0x4 "") at view.c:517
#8  0x263b0 in do_view_init (view=0x40032230, _command=0x0,
    _file=0x7f7e26b8 "could not allocate 118517760 bytes", start_line=0) at view.c:599
#9  0x265b8 in view_init (view=0x40032230, _command=0x0, _file=0x40031ea8 "sql_010710.tar",
    start_line=0) at view.c:672
#10 0x2a29c in view_hook (v=0x2) at view.c:2481
#11 0x132b8 in execute_hooks (hook_list=0x0) at util.c:1004
#12 0x16574 in select_item (panel=0x40030300) at screen.c:1588
#13 0x16790 in do_move_up (panel=0x40030300) at screen.c:1660
#14 0x1683c in move_up (panel=0x2) at screen.c:1691
#15 0x17cc0 in panel_callback (h=0x40030050, panel=0x40030300, msg=4, par=259) at screen.c:2345
#16 0x2d988 in dlg_key_event (h=0x40030050, d_key=259) at dlg.c:777
#17 0x2dd48 in dlg_process_event (h=0x40030050, key=2138823644, event=0x7f7e1d78) at dlg.c:905
#18 0x2de44 in run_dlg (h=0x40030050) at dlg.c:938
#19 0x53370 in setup_panels_and_run_mc () at main.c:2191
#20 0x53598 in do_nc () at main.c:2266
#21 0x544e8 in main (argc=1073750784, argv=0x40002300) at main.c:3180
#22 0xc0058f34 in ?? () from /usr/lib/libc.2

I can reproduce this bug if i like.

There is also another bug that can be reproduced even more easyly. When you are Tree-Mode
and press F3=Forget with the cursor on a  directory name the following message appears:

1H** CRITICAL **: file treestore.c: line 549 (tree_store_remove_entry): assertion `ts.check_name !=
NULL' failed.

Nevertheless mc remains for me a very use- and powerfull aplication....

With Greetings from Germany
     Ralph Schenn

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