Re: Bugs in Release 4.5.54

Hi, Ralph!

> i'm using mc 4.5.54 on  HP/UX 11.00 (without X, with ncurses) and i have encountered
> the following Problems:

Although both bugs are still not fixed, I recommend you to use the latest
version 4.5.55.  You can find it on

> On the left side i had only a list of filenames the right side was in Quick View mode.
> I was pressing Enter to change directorys and moved the cursor over the list on the left side.
>  After that the program crashed with the following error message and produced a
> coredump (please look at the backtrace):

The viewer tries to map the file in memory using mmap() and then resorts
to loading the whole file into memory.  The later fails if the file is too

Maybe the configuration script decided that mmap() is broken on your 
system.  Then HAVE_MMAP would not be defined in config.h.  You can force 
MC to use mmap() by giving "--with-mmap" to "configure".

The real fix would be to load just parts of the file into the memory.  
This is also needed on 32-bit platforms with 64-bit file offsets, when the
file size exceeds the address space.

I'm also considering adding a read-only mode to the editor and using it as
the internal viewer.  The editor already uses some technique to avoid
loading the whole file into the memory.  Syntax highlighting in the viewer
would be nice too.

I'm also considering a more graceful handling of errors.  We already
discussed in the list how to trap SIGSEGV and SIGBUS in the viewer.

> There is also another bug that can be reproduced even more easyly. When you are Tree-Mode
> and press F3=Forget with the cursor on a  directory name the following message appears:
> 1H** CRITICAL **: file treestore.c: line 549 (tree_store_remove_entry): assertion `ts.check_name !=
> NULL' failed.

This is also present in the current version.  I'll have a closer look
soon.  This shouldn't be _so_ fundamental.

Pavel Roskin

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