Locale report in "mc -V"

2001-09-15  Pavel Roskin  <proski gnu org>


        * cmd.c (guess_message_value): Remove the argument.  Adjust all

        * textconf.c (features): Remove "edition", minor fixes.
        (version): Don't report the current locale - it's meaningless,
        especially if ENABLE_NLS is not defined.

I've seen nothing about this in the list. Sorry if I missed it; I'm
quite bussy these days.

Why do you think it's meaningless? If someone wrote it, it should be
of some use.

As I don't know your reasons I can't argue, but I use this feature
quite a lot and I feel that some translators may agree with me.

I would like to change the rating to maybe "little use" and have it back.

On the other hand I see that localized descriptions are not appropiate
for bug reports, but that would be a reason to keep the current locale
report, not to hide it. (Bug reports would have to include the output of
"LANGUAGE=C mc -V").

*8-) David


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