Re: Locale report in "mc -V"

Hi, David!

>         (version): Don't report the current locale - it's meaningless,
>         especially if ENABLE_NLS is not defined.
> I've seen nothing about this in the list. Sorry if I missed it; I'm
> quite bussy these days.

Sorry is not required.  There was nothing in the list on this topic.

The issue was indeed very minor.  "mc -V" displayed the current value of
the LC_MESSAGE locale.  Firstly, there is a specialized program, called
"locale" that does it.  Secondly, mc would show LC_MESSAGE even when
gettext support is disabled, which could potentially confuse users - mc
says that it's using some locale, but shows English messages.  Another 
problem is that LC_MESSAGE not the only locale category that affects mc - 
LC_TIME and LC_COLLATE affect it as well.

My decision was to make mc only show whether is has i18n support or not.
The current locale settings can be shown by "locale".

If you have a better idea what "mc -V" should show, your suggestions will 
be welcome.

> Why do you think it's meaningless? If someone wrote it, it should be
> of some use.

Unfortunately, sometimes it's easier to add new code without caring too
much about its correctness than to find the right tool that already
exists, "locale" in this case.

> On the other hand I see that localized descriptions are not appropiate
> for bug reports, but that would be a reason to keep the current locale
> report, not to hide it. (Bug reports would have to include the output of
> "LANGUAGE=C mc -V").

That's correct, although is most cases the output of "mc -V" can be 
understood without translation.

Pavel Roskin

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