question to maintainers


I'm asking maintainers about my patch,
that adds support for multiple editors and multiple viewers at once,
that has been posted a MONTHS ago.
This patch was extensively tested by me and I use its benefits every day.
Also that was reports that it works very well for other people.
This patch almost does not affect stability of MC if its features
are not used by users.

I'm wondered why there is no single report
about this patch from maintainers at all. Still.
Even no report that they have seen it.
I can imagine two possible reasons for that:

1) They have no time at all to apply and test this.

In this case I can supply some screenshots ;)

2) They think that this feature is not useful and even harmful.

Well, in this case they have to argue their POVs.
(Also MC are used by too many people, so
its future cannot be controlled by its maintainers exclusively,
according to only their POVs.)

Regards, Walery

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