Re: question to maintainers


> I'm wondered why there is no single report
> about this patch from maintainers at all. Still.
> Even no report that they have seen it.
> I can imagine two possible reasons for that:
> 1) They have no time at all to apply and test this.

That's partly true.  I have been busy last days.  However, I would apply a
patch that is well documented (I mean the technical side - what is changed
and why).

Since your patch is very important, I suggest that you post the
explanation of the implemenation to the list, so that everybody can read
and comment it, not just those who have time to download and unzip files
from your site and then examine all your code.

> In this case I can supply some screenshots ;)

I'm more interested in the portability and the quality of the code.  If 
you add "Shift-Ins" to the menu, but it only works on one terminal (Linux 
console), it will be confusing to everybody else.

> 2) They think that this feature is not useful and even harmful.

Not at all.  The _implementation_ may be harmful if it's buggy, confusing
to users or causes portability problems that cannot be easily solved.

> Well, in this case they have to argue their POVs.

I actually wrote you about the other part of the patch.  I have never seen
the part responsible for multiple viewers and editors (I mean the
separated part).

Pavel Roskin

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