Re: Make Solaris door file support more consistent


> This patch makes recently applied patch for Solaris door file
> some more consistent.

Thank you.  Actually, I also made a similar patch that actually goes a bit
further and disables viewing and editing of "doors".  It turns out that it
doesn't save the viewer from hanging, so further changes are needed.

I'm going to remove any special handling of sockets, pipes, character and
block devices etc except for the purpose of displaying and sorting them.  
There is no reason why the viewer is allowed to view character devices but
not pipes (see load_view_file).

I'm going to disable viewing and editing of anything but regular files.  
MC is not designed to handle even block devices, let alone pipes.  There
is no way to interrupt the internal viewer is it gets stuck in open() on a
pipe or allocates too much memory for your /dev/hda.  This may change, but
it's unsafe now.

The necessary patches will be applied soon.

Pavel Roskin

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