Re: --with-samba problems

Hi, Pavel!
: If you configure samba-2.2.1a with "--with-smbwrapper", then you get
: Now, if you rename to and link mc against
: it instead on the code from vfs/samba, only few symbols are unresolved:
: from vfs/smbfs.c:
: DEBUGLEVEL smb_len smb_buf
: from
: real_llseek real_lstat64 real_readdir64 real_fstat64 real_stat64
: real_pwrite real_pread

Well, yesterday I compiled from samba 2.0.7 
on glibc 2.1.3 based Slackware 7.1 and linked mc against it.
I needed to comment some defines for large file functions because
I have not off64_t and stat64 types but samba's configure 
did not check it.  Too old samba version to report, I think.

But it is wrong move because wrap libc's open, create, write
and so on, and it is not that we need.

BTW url syntax for smbfs (and maybe ftpfs) must be expanded
to allow specify current session language/codeset.

I will write to samba lists samba org 
Wish me a good luck ;-)


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