Re: Re: patch: MC for Win32

Hello, Franco!

> > What if we disable NLS support for now until gettext is ported properly to
> > Win32?  Extra dependencied mean extra hurdles for potential developers.
> We could make this optional - a few lines of comment in the Makefile 
> on HOW TO enable/disable NLS (gettext) and disabling it by default is maybe best.
> What do You mean by "unitl gettext is properly ported" - is my port
> not proper enough ? There are at least two other ports we could use.

Sorry, I didn't mean it.  I meant something officially supported by the 
maintainers of gettext.  But it shouldn't matter too much as long as 
people can find it.

> BTW: who is currently maintaining the german translation of MC ?
> There are several things that should be fixed/improved there.

I don't think there is a maintainer.  de.po says that it's Christian Meyer 
<chrisime gnome org>, but the "Last-Translator" field is not updated 

You can send me the new translation and I'll put it on CVS.  You can also
research the GNOME website on how to get write access to the translation
files on GNOME CVS.

Pavel Roskin

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