Re: Re: Re: patch: MC for Win32

> Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> schrieb am 20.11.01:
> Hello, Franco!
> > > What if we disable NLS support for now until gettext is ported properly to
> > > Win32?  Extra dependencied mean extra hurdles for potential developers.
> > 
> > We could make this optional - a few lines of comment in the Makefile 
> > on HOW TO enable/disable NLS (gettext) and disabling it by default is maybe best.
> > 
> > What do You mean by "unitl gettext is properly ported" - is my port
> > not proper enough ? There are at least two other ports we could use.
> Sorry, I didn't mean it.  I meant something officially supported by the 
> maintainers of gettext.  But it shouldn't matter too much as long as 
> people can find it.

gettext is AFAIK now part of glibc.
I had a short conversation with the last maintainer of the standalone gettext (0.10.35) release, and asked him if he was interrested in my gettext port. - The short answer was - NO .

> > BTW: who is currently maintaining the german translation of MC ?
> > There are several things that should be fixed/improved there.
> I don't think there is a maintainer.  de.po says that it's Christian Meyer 
> <chrisime gnome org>, but the "Last-Translator" field is not updated 
> You can send me the new translation and I'll put it on CVS.  You can also
> research the GNOME website on how to get write access to the translation
> files on GNOME CVS.

Ok - I will when I have them ready.

> -- 
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin

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