File descriptions in MC

  I would like to know if someone is working, or wants to work, on
having file descriptions (descript.ion like in 4DOS) support on MC.

  I wrote to Max Schedriviy, who has no time to do it now, so he suggested
I asked on this list.                                            

  I'll try to do it myself, but my C skills are limited and I've never
hacked on mc (although I'm a daily user, of course) so I don't know the
internals. But I would help with testing and bug-fixing as long as my
knowledge reaches. 

  At least I would appreciate very much some advices from the
developers about which files, structures, etc.. should I study to try
to implement this feature myself.

  Thanks a lot. 

Rodrigo Sancho Senosiain
FidoNet 2:341/66.26
ruysan wanadoo es

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