Re: "Save file position" in mc editor

On Thu 15 Nov 2001 00:02, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Ok, I was wrong about the "first person" then.  But your patch includes
> other features, some of them need to be discussed separately.
Some time ago I send separated patches and they was discussed, but not 

>  By the way, look up "notch" in the dictionary.  You use of this word is
> very confusing.
I don't remember, why I use this "word". :)

> I tried to extract the code responsible for saving the file position but
> gave up.  It's so poorly written (using fixed size buffers) that it's
> easier to rewrite it from scratch.
I know, that it's very bad written. But it was enough for me.

> By the way, the snapshots from CVS are posted at
> The snapshots don't contain GNOME code.  It would be easier to integrate
> your patches if you base them on the current code.
Ok, I see.

C U L8er!
Max Schedriviy                  mailto:max tavrida net

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