Re: "Save file position" in mc editor

Hello, Max!

> > > It would be very nice to add a new feature to mc editor, so it will
> > > remember file positions in each previously opened file, and return to
> > > that position when the file will be opened next time.
> > > This is very common feature of all editors, ide's and even FAR has it.
> > > Are there any plans to do that?
> >
> > There are no plans to do that.  You are the first person who asks for this
> > feature.  It should be easy to implement.
> It was already implemented in my patch some month ago. And I can't work 
> without this feature. When I need to edit big list of sources, it's too hard 
> to search line where you exit from editor.
> Patch for mc-4.5.55-RELEASE located at 

Ok, I was wrong about the "first person" then.  But your patch includes
other features, some of them need to be discussed separately.  By the way,
look up "notch" in the dictionary.  You use of this word is very

I tried to extract the code responsible for saving the file position but
gave up.  It's so poorly written (using fixed size buffers) that it's
easier to rewrite it from scratch.

By the way, the snapshots from CVS are posted at

The snapshots don't contain GNOME code.  It would be easier to integrate
your patches if you base them on the current code.

Pavel Roskin

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