Option "-X" removed


I've removed the "-X" option that was supposed to stop the subshell
process until the debugger is attached.  The option was not actually
implemented, and I decided not to implement it, but rather remove the
option.  I believe that everybody capable of debugging the subshell should
be able to add this code when needed.

There was no need to expose this option to the users, especially translate 
it.  The last thing we need is to see reports that "mc -X" doesn't work or 
that "mc -X" hangs.

In the future, please keep in mind that every user-visible text has to be
translated into 30 languages.  Whenever you expose "DEVEL-ONLY" or
something like that to the users please think how it would look in your
native language.

The fact that one of the documented options didn't work also shows us that
MC has never gone through formal testing.

Pavel Roskin

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