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On Thu, 8 Nov 2001 06:26:48 -0500 (EST)
Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> wrote:

> Hello, Vassili!
> > > Could you please remind me what you patch was and what software it was
> > > for?  If there is a mailing list for that project, please copy to the
> > > mailing list - you mail will be archived and maybe somebody else will
> > > answer you.
> > Patch for MC - aligned extensions. Im not very keen to the idea of subscribing to
> > yet another mailing list (too many already).
> I remember answering that e-mail, but I cannot find either your original 
> mail or my reply in the mailing list archives.
> My answer was that aligning the extensions is wrong because this would
> make the filenames ambigous.  UNIX allows spaces in the filenames, so
> "filename ext" may be a valid name.
Nobody forces you to use it, thats why config.c (if my memory serves me)
was modifed to look for align_extensions=1 in ini. Id argue that the visual feedback
aligned extensions provides far outweights 2 problem it introduces: first being the
one you presented and second multiple dot's in filename. The idea is not mine,
i stole it from win32 file manager FAR(
all win32 filesystem can have spaces in filenames aswel, that didnt stop FAR
author from introducing this behavior (again in FAR its optional aswel).

I urge MC developers/users to try it, its good... really.. >B)

mailto:malc pulsesoft com

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