Re: MC for Win32 now builds and runs

Hello, Franco!

> today I made a breakthrou.

Congratulations :-)

> The MC Win32 port now 
> compiles and links with mingw32.
> And  it also runs (tested with Win98 and Win2000)
> It still has some severe bug(s) that make it go crash when You try to change 
> Directory or Drive.
> But many things already work (including Find Files, Menues, Dialogs, Info 
> Panel).

That's great.  Find Files works thanks to titanic efforts of Andrew
Samoilov who eliminated the need to call external egrep.  I remember that
it didn't work before.

> Now I think that the time would be right for some assistance in debuging.
> If someone volenteers ;-) I will provide build-instructions and a 
> source-patch soon.
> Otherwise I'll first try to make the port a little more stable before doing 
> so.

I have so many other things to do that I'll probably not be able to assist 
you in debugging, but I'll apply your patches if you document them.

Pavel Roskin

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