Re: TODO list for the next version

: 3) Case sensitive sort broken in en_US locale. We should not force people

In ru_* and uk_* too.

: to set LC_COLLATE to C just to make MC do what it promises to do. The
: solution may be to implement a choice - case-sensitive, case-insensitive,
: locale specific. Another solution - test strcoll at startup and use it for
: case-sensitive or case-insensitive sort dependent on what it does.

It seems last is more right, but tastes differ.

: 7) Make sure that all known security patches have been integrated. is still marked as unresolved.
I write a letter there, but nothing happens. Your name is in Contributors
list, may be your letter will be able to do more ?

What about multicodepages patch ?

BTW, it seems we need some synchonization in the team. My company was 
disconnected from electricity yesterday and it is single reason I didn't
commit my many month patch for gtkedit/editdraw.c (status_string).
We are wasting our time for duplicating :(

Now I have almost ready patch for simple backward search in the internal viewer.
Some later I will send it for comments to the list.


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