TODO list for the next version


I'm just trying to list issues that, in my opinion, must be addressed
before the next version is released.

1) Hangs reported on Slackware. It looks like a problem communicating with
cons.saver. The problem only happens on the Linux console and only when
run as a normal user.

2) Failure to open /dev/ptmx may cause MC to hang on startup instead of
disabling subshell.

3) Case sensitive sort broken in en_US locale. We should not force people
to set LC_COLLATE to C just to make MC do what it promises to do. The
solution may be to implement a choice - case-sensitive, case-insensitive,
locale specific. Another solution - test strcoll at startup and use it for
case-sensitive or case-insensitive sort dependent on what it does.

4) Report errors on fish - we are ignoring stderr, but the error codes
should not be ignored.

5) Fix ncurses support. Command prompt is not shown. Escape needs to be
pressed three times to be seen by MC.

6) Make "mc -P" safe. Don't execute blindly whatever MC puts on the
stdout. Either eliminate using stdout or requite MC to prepend a cookie to
the output.

7) Make sure that all known security patches have been integrated.

Pavel Roskin

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