Re: TODO list for the next version

Hi, Andrew!

> : 3) Case sensitive sort broken in en_US locale. We should not force people
> In ru_* and uk_* too.

Yes. Somehow I missed this fact.

> : to set LC_COLLATE to C just to make MC do what it promises to do. The
> : solution may be to implement a choice - case-sensitive, case-insensitive,
> : locale specific. Another solution - test strcoll at startup and use it for
> : case-sensitive or case-insensitive sort dependent on what it does.
> It seems last is more right, but tastes differ.

That's actually _much_ easier to do, since the user interface doesn't have
to be touched. Since you like it, I'm going to do it this way.

> : 7) Make sure that all known security patches have been integrated.
> is still marked as unresolved.
> I write a letter there, but nothing happens. Your name is in Contributors
> list, may be your letter will be able to do more ?

Thanks! This becomes one of the high-priority tasks. Added to .plan

> What about multicodepages patch ?

I received a very bitter message from Walery. I feel that it's very
important to apply this patch to encourage him.

Unfortunately, it's very important to make this functionality optional.
I'm going to start start applying this patch step-by-step. The codepage
support will be off by default for the time being. Once I finish
integrating the patch and it works well, it will be documented and made on
by default.

> BTW, it seems we need some synchonization in the team. My company was
> disconnected from electricity yesterday and it is single reason I didn't
> commit my many month patch for gtkedit/editdraw.c (status_string).
> We are wasting our time for duplicating :(

It's exactly the case where it's very hard to synchronize the efforts. I
was trying to make MC work with ncurses again, and one of the thing was
that newlines in the editor status string would corrupt the screen.

I couldn't possibly predict that I'll touch this code. By the way, the
status line still looks to technical. If you want to touch this code
again, feel free to simplify it.

Ncurses support has been mostly fixed. Triple-escape is fixed. Black
prompt is fixed (incidently, it's the same function that caused border
corruption). Transparency is not supported with ncurses - maybe it was
earlier, but I have no time to work on eye candy. Syntax highlighting is
not supported either - the same comment applies, although it's a bit more
important than a pink prompt on gray marble background :-)

> Now I have almost ready patch for simple backward search in the
> internal viewer. Some later I will send it for comments to the list.

I suggest that you have the message written by the time of commit.
Sometimes very interesting ideas come when you are explaining your

Pavel Roskin

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