Re: Update.

Sniff! The whole year at home and now that I'm back in bussines you feel
like working again. Don't worrry, I'm happy to see things are going on.

Just a few ideas/reminders for the thread:

- Somewhere there is a Spanish man page for mc. If you try something with
the English page (I mean convert to XML or whatever) I can try with this
one. Could this file be kept in CVS?

>  > If you mean "File was modified, Save with exit?", it's just bad English
>  > and bad syntax.  All the translations I have checked have a better
>  > message. Translating back from French, it should be "The file has been
>  > modified. Save and exit?"
>  > 
>  > The default to "Cancel quit" (I think it should be "Don't exit" in good
>  > English) is actually reasonable. It's the safest default possible.

- I've got some fixes for English menus and Hotkeys. I also did a couple of
scripts to fix all translations for the changes. I think it's cheap to do
some cleanup.

I must leave now. Have a good time...

*8-) David 

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