Re: Update.

Miguel de Icaza wrote:

> * In the future, when the GNOME VFS progresses we might
> consider replacing the current VFS with the GNOME VFS (it has
> no GUI dependencies, do not fear), but currently it lacks a
> number of features that MC has (tar browsing, extfs, fish, good
> ftp support).

But what about the other dependencies, currently:


GLib isn't a problem, but the others are only used by GNOME
applications. I don't think GNU Midnight Commander should
require more libraries. GLib is enough. GNOME VFS will be
without such dependencies.

I also see AM_PROG_XML_I18N_TOOLS in

And GTK+ ?

*** Gtk+ 1.2.0 or better is required. The latest version of Gtk+
*** is always available from]),
    gmodule gthread)

BTW, this is from GNOME-VFS_1_0_1 CVS tag.

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