Re: Ctrl-Shift-Arrows in mcedit

Hi, Walery!

> Ctrl-Shift-Arrows doesn's select text in my build of MC.
> Ctrl-Arrows works. Shift-Arrows works too. Is it bug or
> just unimplemented featre?

It's an implemented feature.  Search edit/edit_key_translator.c for

(x_state & SHIFT_PRESSED) && (x_state & CONTROL_PRESSED)

It must be a limitation of your terminal.  You forgot to mention what
terminal you are using, on what OS and whether "--with-tm-x-support" was
used when you configured mc.

Actually, we may need a better "Learn keys" support that records not only
the key sequences but also the keyboard state if available (i.e. whether
Ctrl, Shift and Alt are pressed).  The dialog should be extended to learn
the key combinations, such as Shift-Ctrl-Left.  Even better solution would
be to learn keys for actions (i.e. Menu, Scroll Up etc) instead of keys
(such as Keypad Plus) - this would solve another problem - reassigning the

I would only expect the Linux console to work with the current code.  But
even it doesn't work for me.

Pavel Roskin

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