Re: mc.hlp problems in CVS version of MC

Hi, Walery!

> This is part of my src/Makefile after running configure:
> $(srcdir)/mc.hlp: # $(docdir)/ $(mcsrclibdir)/xnc.hlp $(srcdir)/
> #       $(MAKE) man2hlp
> #       - ./man2hlp 58 $(docdir)/ | cat - $(mcsrclibdir)/xnc.hlp | \
> #       perl $(srcdir)/ > $(srcdir)/mc.hlp.tmp && \
> #       mv -f $(srcdir)/mc.hlp.tmp $(srcdir)/mc.hlp; \
> #       rm -f $(srcdir)/mc.hlp.tmp; \
> #       touch $(srcdir)/mc.hlp
> Why? Of course mc.hlp is not compiled in such case.

You should give "--enable-maintainer-mode" to "configure" to enable
maintainer-only portions of makefiles.

The reason for that is that some implementations of "make" (notably on
HP-UX) erroneously try to rebuild up-to-date targets.  So if some of the
targets may not always work (in this case - because Perl may be missing)
it's better to disable them by default.

AM_MAINTAINER_MODE is a controversial topic among Automake developers.
It's better to avoid it.  I'll change this rule if I have time.

Pavel Roskin

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