Re: patch to get a relocateable mc

Pavel Roskin wrote:

gtkedit/syntax.c - already fixed for the text edition, but not for GMC.
By the way, have you tested your patch with the GNOME edition?  It looks
like your patch would break compilation.  Anyway, I'm fixing it for GMC.

I think syntax.c is the same for mc and gmc.

vfs/extfs.c - I'm applying it with a very minor change.  Thank you.

vfs/sfs.c - already fixed.

As you can see, 1.5 of your 3 patches were already applied to the CVS
version :-)

Ok ! Sorry, I sent similar patches months ago and I did not notice they were in CVS.
Did you received my patch for allowing '@' in a ftp login ?

Ludovic Drolez.

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