Re: Comments about Midnight Commander (better program)

On Sat, Jul 14, 2001 at 10:59:19AM +0200, Javi wrote:

> 1) option to change the name (only) of a file or directory


> 2) option to compress files in: tar, gz, bz, zip, rar, ace, lha, arj, uc2,...
> 3) option to decompress normal files and self-extracting
> 4) to extend the search of files to the compressed files
> 5) option of dividing a file in other smaller ones
> 7) option to compare two or more files for their content
> 8) option to make massive renamed
> 11) to replace a text for another in multiple files

It is wiser to write small scripts and oneliners to do that
kind of tasks.
You can't foresee ethething in the file manager.
Using shell and numerous unix tools gives you unlimited
power and flexibility that you can never achieve in any
file manager.

> 14) option in the mcedit to compile a file in c, to make a debug,...
> 15) option in the mcedit to send e-mails with attachment
> 16) option to code files in MIME (Base64), UUEncode, XXEncode,... to send them for
> e-mail like attachment

Do you want the second emacs ;)

> 13) to open two or more files at the same time in the mcedit to pass text among
> them

Not only editors, but viewers too. Like in FAR manager.
It could be important and very useful feature.
If some would implement it ;)

Regards, Walery

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