Ctrl-X disabled in GMC


I have disabled Ctrl-X sequences in the CNOME edition.  The reason is that
they are not documented and nobody is using them.  They are holding a lot
of code in the GNOME edition that doesn't work well (e.g. "Ctrl-x d" -
compare directories) and I have no time to fix it.

GMC users can assign their keyboard shortcuts by pressing the key while
the menu item is active.  Ctrl-X sequences don't fit into this interface.
It's a legacy of the text edition.

If I find useful and working (in the GNOME edition) code, it will be added
to the menu.  Otherwise it will be removed.

In other news, I have started fixing the "find file" dialog in GMC.
src/find.c has been copied to gnome/gfind.c, unused parts have been
removed from both.

Pavel Roskin

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