Re: Comments about Midnight Commander (better program)


> > 1) option to change the name (only) of a file or directory
> ???
> > 2) option to compress files in: tar, gz, bz, zip, rar, ace, lha, arj, uc2,...
> > 3) option to decompress normal files and self-extracting
> > 4) to extend the search of files to the compressed files
> > 5) option of dividing a file in other smaller ones
> > 7) option to compare two or more files for their content
> > 8) option to make massive renamed
> > 11) to replace a text for another in multiple files
> It is wiser to write small scripts and oneliners to do that
> kind of tasks.
> You can't foresee ethething in the file manager.

Actually, 2,3 and 4 are "simple matter of programming".
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