Re: [bugreport] can't search files containing text in .tar[.gz] files, misc bugreports and wishitems

> PS: Were any of Ximian's patches to mc-4.5.54 audited by anybody?

Yes, is you mean the patches from mc-4.5.54-ximian.6.src.rpm

I have applied many of them. But some of them are Ximian-specific or
wrong. Let me list them.

mc-4.5.35-xtermcolor.patch - Ximian-specific hack - xterm may be
black-white, it's just _believed_ to support color on all systems
supported by Ximian.

mc-4.5.51-extention.patch - doesn't really fix the problem (and I don't
know what problem they mean). Should be using more robust regex to avoid
misidentifying *mail*.rpm

mc-4.5.51-gnome-editor.patch - wrong, gmc_execute() quotes itself. Looks
like a patch they have never tested.

mc-cons.saver-security.patch - useless, `fd' is closed few lines below.

mc-create-user-visible-desktop-symlink.patch - Ximian-specific look
enhancement. Let's give them chance to earn few bucks selling a
better-looking desktop :-)

mc-ctree_love.patch - same thing. I'm not an artist to apply this.

mc-fix-terminal-launch.patch - I'm not an expert in Corba. It may be
Ximian-specific, may be not. It's unclear what is being fixed.

mc-no-string-inlines.patch - must be another quick hack. I've never seen
any problems with mcserv without __NO_STRING_INLINES.

I wonder if anybody knows where to forward my notes? Miguel?

Pavel Roskin

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